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 Cybil The Cat, BFA

E-Mail: Cybyl c/o

Senior Vertebrate Pest Control Specialist


  • BFA (Bachelor of Feline Arts), 1999, Meadowview A&M Tech, Sacramento, CA

Job Responsibilities

Cybil was born in early May 1997 under the storage sheds at the Meadowview Facility. She made a meteoric rise through the corporate ranks and now serves as Warehouse Supervisor and Chief Mouse and Vole Verminator. She holds a BFA (Bachelor of Feline Arts), and practices her arts both diurnally and nocturnally.


When she is not performing her job responsibilities, Cybil can be found playing with macrame mice or standing guard (well laying down, actually) in the Bio Control office window. Her hobbies also include luring the uninitiated into petting her, after which she proves her namesake.

She has 9 children and an undetermined number of grandchildren


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