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Doug & Shirley Hall

Doug Hall in front of some of his roses. To the right is the English Shrub rose, Trascandent and in the back is Robusta.

Doug & Shirley Hall

Doug & Shirley Hall

Doug & Shirley Hall under a fully blooming plant of Eden Climber (=Pierre de Ronsard) rose.

Prospero, an English Shrub rose that does very well in the Hall garden.

Prospero, a closeup picture of the blooms.

Robin Red Brest, a single petalled miniature plant at peak bloom.

A spray of the miniature decorative rose called Renny

A couple of blooms of Baby Grand, pink mini that Doug loves as it blends well with some of the English and OGR style roses in his garden.

A moss miniature rose growing in the shady areas of the garden.

Happy Child bloom.

A spray of Fair Bianca blooms.

A bloom of Evelyn.

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