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John and Mitchie Moe in front of the entrance to their rose garden near Seattle, WA.

John and Mitchie Moe in front of the entrance to their rose garden near Seattle, WA. I was very fascinated by how John and Mitchie built their garden. They have bamboo so they use some of the stems as spacers to tie their climbing roses.

John is quite a handyman as well as a retired engineer so he built different structures in the garden like this "outhouse" which they use as a pesticide storage area.

The gazebo and the arbors are also John's creations from scratch! The rose beds were built using railroad ties and landscaping timbers. The rose beds are used for Michie to plant her many seedlings and to evaluate their performance.

Another shot of the gazebo area and more details on the arbors. The arbors have wriring in order to tie down climbers. Great idea!

This is "Boqu, " their pet cat. He reminds me of my own cat, Bugsy. Boqu apparently likes to smell the roses and is most helpful in the greenhouse while Mitchie is there doing work on her seedlings.

Another picture of Boqu.

Anoher closeup shot of Boqu.


This is the greenhouse built from scratch by John so that Mitchie can sow her seeds and propagate the rose seedlings. Together with Mitchie and John is Rick Winkleman.

This is the method that Mitchie uses to sow her seeds. She mixes 2 parts cocogrow, 1 part vermiculite, 1 part perlite, and one part sand in a bucket and mixes it up as her soil mix. With a chop stick she makes small shallow holes on the rooting trays and then deposits a seed. She does the same for all her seeds and when done with one tray, she covers the tray with about 1/2 inch of vermiculite. The seeds begin to sprout from 1-3 weeks after planting.

The seedlings are then moved to small pots usually 2"x2"x4" in size and the trays are placed under grow light flourecent lights.

In these small pots the seedlings are allowed to flower and they are evauluated for possible introduction. Most of the seedlings are discarded and a few are kept for further propagation.

This is the evaluation area where the seedlings are kept for a while to see if they are worthy of introduction.

This is a new introduction that will be made next year. It will be named after a rosarian friend of Mitchie and John.

The seedling had Hot Tamale and Elegant Beauty as its parents.

Mitchie and Baldo Villegas looking a the new seedling being named after Baldo

Close pictures of the new Seedling being called "Baldo".

Close pictures of the new Seedling being called "Baldo".

Close pictures of the new Seedling being called "Baldo".

A semidouble micromini called "Dot.Com" introduced by Mitchie Moe.

Another introduction called "Hi"

Marilyn Wellan

Marilyn Wellan

Miss Alice

Show Bunny

Snow Bunny fully open. It shows the characteristics of its mother, Grace Seward.

Vicky Adams

Vicky Adams


Country Charm

Country Charm


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