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The Schweissinger's Rose Garden - April 21, 2002

Climbing Roses

Royal Sunset Arch

Climbing Sunsprite along a utility shed

Handel Climber on top of the utility shed

Hybrid Tea Roses

Frances Ashton

Irish Fireflame

Floribunda Roses

Charlotte Anne

Dairy Maid

Dusky Maiden

Fabulous, a 2002 white floribunda from J&P. Mine has not bloom.

Hot Cocoa, a brand new Floribunda from Weeks Roses. Not in the market yet.

Lillac Charm

Miss Ada


Shrub Roses

Golden Celebration

Mary Magdalene


Morning Mist

Ralph's Creeper


The Herbalist

Old Garden Roses Roses

Archduke Charles

Blac Double de Coubert

Burgundian Rose

Duchess of Portland

Leoniela Mesch

Mme Antoine Mari


A plant of Mutabilis


Rosa hugonis

Vic's Caprice

Miniature Roses

Angel Darling

Elizabeth Abler

Golden Beryl

Halo Fire


Here's Ian


Single's Better plant in bloom

Teddy Bear plant in bloom

Teddy Bear

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