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Baldo's Family Album

The Villegas Family, September 2002

Above is a picture taken on September 8, 2002, my 54th birthday. I'm the good looking guy holding the cakey. Around me from left to right are Cristina (almost 23), Rosa (21) and my wifey, Soosie.

My daughters are in between trips. Rosa spent the summer as an intern with Deusch Bank in New York City and Cristina spent her summer working for the World Bank. Cristina is currently finishing up her BA at the University of California at San Diego (John Muir College) while Rosa is a senior at Stanford University. Both are staying extremely active in on-campus life, and both are doing great academically.

My hobbies include growing roses, insect collecting, and computers. At home I maintain a private insect collection which I use in teaching entomology to 4H youth and the public. I have several computers which I use to surf the Internet and to communicate with friends and colleagues around the world. My rose garden presently consists of over 1000 roses of all types. I am a member of the American Rose Society, Sacramento Rose Society, and Sierra Foothills Rose Society as well as several entomological societies. I have been an American Rose Society Horticulture Judge and Consulting Rosarian since 1987. I have been Chairman of the Consulting Rosarian Program for the Northern California-Nevada-Hawaii District of the American Rose Society since 1990. In this capacity I give many programs and answer numerous questions on rose culture and pest management in the home garden.

This is my youngest daughter Rosa and me and my wifey in front of Olympiad and Ingrid Bergman. You can see where she gets her good looks.

This is Cristina with her cat, Patches. Cristina got patches as a kitten while "garage saling" with her mom and sister. They fell in love with the little kitten and they brought her home. Now she is a very fat but friendly cat. Patches gets her her kicks tormenting Bugsy our other cat.

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