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Baldo's Cats Page

This is Luca Scheiman, our newest cat at the office. Please click here to see more pictures of him.

This is Sybil Casanave, our verminator at the office. Please click here to see more pictures of her.

Hi ... My name is Sexy Rexy but you may call me Rexy. I am the cute kitten on the right and this is my brother Bugsy the handsome one on the left. Baldo's wifey, Mrs. B. found us at our neighborhood Lucky superstore on Sunday October 18, 1998. It seems that we were dropped by a home and some teenagers living there found us. Fearing that we would be hurt by older tom cats living there, these teenagers decided to find us a good home. Mrs. B. was first attracted by my beautiful body. She picked me up and I meowed softly several times. It was like love at first sight. She chose me and my brother Bugsy so that we could play together. I loved Mrs. B.'s cream colored blouse. It reminded me of the belly of my mommy.

We got to meet Baldo when he came back from a trip to Chicago on October 19, 1998. Baldo was looking forward in getting new kittens. In fact while in Chicago visiting with Bob and Marily Young and The Donald and Paula Ballin, Baldo apparently told them that he was going to get himself some kittens when he got home. Was he surprised when Mrs. B. told him that she had already picked us!!!

We are very thankful to the our humans as they look after us when we exercise in the backyard. Here is my brother Bugsy climbing the trunk of many of the trees present in the Villegas backyard.

< P>I also like to go up and down trees too chasing after my brother.

It's a lot of fun to chase after my brother. Occassionally we encounter other cats in the back yard. There is always that silly black cat named Sparky. He is an old cat .... He must be 50 years old in cat years. Then there is an old fat bitch named Patches. She thinks that she is the queen of the house ...Ha, we'll show her who is boss around here. Also, we met an old, old cat by the name of Baby. She was so old she was no fun. Anytime Bugsy and I went near her she would growl at us or even hiss at us. We didn't take it personally as she was also very sick. She passed away in November about a month after our arrival. Eventhough she was not very friendly in her old age, we miss her a lot.

Let me tell you about the other cats in the Villegas household. Patches is a calico colored cat that likes to think of herself as the top cat and queen of the house. This cat is very attached to Baldo's daughters and gets heartbroken when they are away. This is Cristina with her cat, Patches. Cristina got patches as a kitten while "garage saling" with her mom and sister. They fell in love with the little kitten and they brought her home.

Sparky is a long haired, neutered male cat. He is very affectionate but will drool all over you if you pay any attention to him. He is the guardian of the rose garden in the backyard. If he sees you anywhere in the rose garden, he comes over and asks to be petted.This is Cristina again with Sparkie.

Baby was an old, old mixed Siamese female cat. She survived at least two runnings with cars while crossing the street (making her a very expensive cat). After the second accident, she didn't cross the street anymore. Baby was adopted by Baldo from a neighbor that moved to Nevada and could not take Baby with her so she asked Baldo if he could take another cat. She was an outdoors cat so she felt at home in rose garden. In ther final years she guarded the front rose beds as well as the front door. She used to be a very friendly cat and would greet everyone that visited her rose beds. If she knew you, she would follow you around from rose bed to rose bed but will keep her distance. This is Baldo with Baby.

This is Chelsea Belle. Mrs. B and Cristina found this kitten in October/November 1997 and she grew up to become a beautiful cat. Unfortunately she was clipped by a car and killed on Thursday March 5, 1998 at about 10:30 PM. She was buried in the rose garden near her favorite roses.

Snickers lives next door to us. He lives with at least one other cat but we are so new in the area that we have not gotten acquainted with these cats. We only know Snickers because he comes over and eats our cat food -- The nerve of that cat! Snickers is a long haired tabby female cat. She makes herself at home in OUR OWN YARD and acts as if she owns the place. Judging from the fur left behind, looks like Paches has had a few arguments with her in the past.

Now let me tell you about ourselves. I was named Sexy Rexy and my brother, Bugsy by Suzanne, a friend of Baldo's from Illinois. One of Baldo's favorite roses is called "Sexy Rexy" and since I am already sexy, I just go by the name of Rexy. From what Baldo tells me that Suzanne is a real foxy lady. I wish she lived nearby so we could go and visit and play with her kittens. I hear that she has a cat by the name of Blue Tsunami that is a bitchen dude!

Here is my brother Bugsy. Mrs. B would like to change his name to Dusty but Baldo doesn't want to hear about it. I wonder which name my brother likes best.

My brother is also cute and cuddly like me.

When we are not playing or eating, we are sleeping. We do that a lot!

My brother like to sleep even more than me.

He loves to sleep so much and so soundly, I like to play with him. I least he doesn't claw me back this way.

Here I am waking up from my cat nap.

Come back again and see more pictures of us.

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