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Baldo's Favorite Rose Nurseries

Bushnell Gardens Bushnell Gardens has a small selection of roses that are among the best to grow in the area. They are Weeks Roses potted roses and they include the old classics as well as the new varieties of roses introduced by Weeks Roses.
Green Acres Green Acres has three locations in the Sacramento area. I have visited all three and in the past four years, Green Acres has become one of my favorite nurseries. They have the BEST selection of roses and perennial plants in the Sacramento area. Additionally, the sales area has a great selection of tools, pesticides, fertilizers, soil amendments, irregation parts, and everything you need for the garden. The Folsom store is the newest, largest and most complete nursery of the three locations.
Green Acres Roseville Store: 901 Galleria Blvd., Roseville, CA 95678.
Green Acres Sacramento Store: 8501 Jackson Rd. (at the corner of Florin Perkins), Sacramento, CA 95826.
Green Acres Folsom Store: 205 Serpa Way, Folsom, CA 95630.
Cool Roses

COOL ROSES FOR SOUTHERN GARDENS is owned and operated by Consulting Rosarians Debbie and Geoff Coolidge. Their inventory consist of more than 150 varieties of modern, miniature, minifloras, and old garden roses. Their plants are sold either on their own roots or budded onto fortuniana rootstock. They ship year 'round.
Address: 888 Chase Road, West Palm Beach, FL 33415
Phone: (561) 684-2421

Heirloom Roses This nursery is owned by Louise Clements and and her late husband John. Is located in St Paul, Oregun about 30 miles Southeast of Portland. This is one of the best nurseries to visit as they have beautiful gardens and a terrific inventory of roses. Roses are grown on their own roots and are a bit pricey for the size of the pots grown, but they are the only source for some of those roses.
Edmunds Roses This mail order nursery used to be one of my favorite sources for roses. In 2006 it was sold to a larger mail order nursery so it is under new ownership. I was hoping that the new owners would keep up the great reputation of the Edmund family that owned it for many year until spring 2006. I ordered some roses in November 2006 for January delivery and arrived at the end of January. Those roses took the longest to come out of dormancy. One finally did in May 2007!! and the others struggled through the summer with only two varieties surviving. Consequently, I no longer buy roses from this nursery nor do I recommend them.
Jackson & Perkins Roses
Jackson & Perkins used to be the industry leader long ago. It used to grow millions of roses in their Wasco, CA acreage. Two years ago, the company went bankrupt and it was bought out by a mail order company. The new J&P does not grow any of their roses and have no connection to the old more reliable company. I NO LONGER RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY FOR ROSES.
John's Miniature Roses This nursery a sister nursery to Heirloom Roses and is also owned by Louise Clements and her late husband John. This nursery is only an internet site that lists all the miniature roses sold by Heirloom Roses. The nursery is located in St Paul, Oregun about 30 miles Southeast of Portland. Both nurseries are a treat to visit as they have beautiful gardens and a terrific inventory of roses. Roses are grown on their own roots and are a bit pricey for the size of the pots grown, but they are the only source for some of these roses.
Kimbrew-Walter Roses

Jack Walter has owned this company way before I got interested in roses. He sells other products such as sprayers, pesticides, and gloves besides roses at great prices. He sells a variety of standard bareroot roses as well as a great selection of potted miniature roses. His miniatures roses are the biggest ones that I receivedfrom just about any nursery. He sells them either grown own their own roots or budded onto fortuniana rootstock. It is best to call or write to Jack Walter for best service. Phone: (903) 829-2968 or Toll-Free: (877) KWROSES (597-6737); Address: 2001 VZ County Rd 1219, Grand Saline, TX 75140-475. EMail:; Website:

Regan Nursery in Fremont, California This is one of my favorite nurseries in the San Francisco Bay Area. They probably have the largest selection of roses in Northern California. In the winter months they sell bareroot roses from December-February at great savings. The roses are heeled in in bins and they are sold into early March. I usually take a trip in January and pick a few roses that I cannot live with. If you can't do this, you can order your bareroot roses from their website.
Rosemania Roses has been one of my favorite places for buying many of my rose growing needs from pesticides, gloves, labels, sprayers, and roses. I usually busy all of their new miniature and miniflora rose introductions as soon as they introduce them as they sell out fast. This is the only source of many of their top exhibition mini/miniflora roses. Shipping is included in the price but you must buy their minimum to get free shipping.
Vintage Gardens This nursery is owned by rosarian Greg Lowery and is located in Sebastopol, California. Since June 2006, this nursery has become a virtual rose nursery with only online orders.
Wells Midsouth Roses Wells Midsouth Roses (Owner: Verlie “Whit” Wells), 471 Lucy Kelly, Brighton, TN 38011. Phone: (901) 476-6064 Email: I only started buying from Whit Wells in the past three years. He has sent me some of the best and biggest roses and charges me what other nurseries would charge me for smaller plants. I always enjoy just talking to Whit about his new rose introductions. He is a great guy!
Wisconsin Roses This nursery is owned by rosarian Steve Singer. The roses sold by Wisconsin Roses are "Maiden Roses" budded on Rosa multiflora seedlings. This is also my source for Rosa multiflora seedlings which I keep on hand to do custom budding of those roses that I cannot find a commercial source for.

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