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City Hall, Rose Room, Auburn, CA - October 13, 2002
Photography & Results Compiled by Baldo Villegas



Section A - Gold Country Rose Society Rose Show Amateur Section

Class 1: Hybrid Teas and Grandifloras
Queen of Show Vanilla Perfume
Colleen Gallagher
King of Show Oregold
Colleen Gallagher
Princess of Show Royal Amethyst
Colleen Gallagher
Class 2: Hybrid Tea & Grandiflora Sprays Gemini
Sharon Hickhok
Class 3: Floribundas, one bloom Lavaglut
Ivanette Griggs
Class 4: Floribunda & Polyantha Sprays Garnett
Lynn Schweissinger
Class 5: Miniature Roses
Miniature Queen of Show Sweet Caroline
Colleen Gallagher
Miniature King of Show Glowing Amber
Colleen Gallagher
Miniature Princess of Show Miss Flippins
Colleen Gallagher
Class 6: Single Miniature Roses Roller Coaster
Colleen Gallagher
Class 7: Miniature Spray Yantai
Baldo Villegas
Class 8: Large Flowered Climbers Fourth of July
Baldo Villegas
Class 9: Shrubs, other than Austins
Stretch Johnson
Colleen Gallagher
Class 10: David Austin / English Garden Style Mary Rose
Colleen Gallagher
Class 11: Old Garden Roses Irene Watts
Ernie & Sue Magill
Class 12: Container Grown Roses Cupcake
Florence Pratt
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Section N - Gold Country Rose Society Rose Show Novice Classes

Class 50-55: Best Novice

Betty Boop

Pam Spencer

Section C - Gold Country Rose Society Rose Show Challenge Classes

Class 20: Fully Open Hybrid Tea Kentucky Derby
Judy Frederick
Class 21: Three Hybrid Teas Solitude and Signature
Ivanette Griggs
Class 22: Three Floribunda blooms Betty Boop
Ivanette Griggs
Class 23: Rose in a Bowl Vanilla Perfume
Colleen Gallagher
Class 24: Trailing Rose Fallenberg
Ernie & Sue Magill
Class 25: Miniature Cycle of Bloom Ferrin
Baldo Villegas
Class 26: Miniature English-Style Box Whoopi, Queen City and Kristin
Ivanette Griggs
Class 27: Miniature Rose in a Bowl Sweet Caroline
Colleen Gallagher
Class 28: Miniature Rose Bouquet Pierrine
Ivanette Griggs
Class 29: Miniature Palette of Roses Rise 'n' Shine, Hot Tamale, Winsome, Party Girl and Cupcake
Ivanette Griggs
Class 30: Gold Country Rose
No Award
Class 31: Tin Can Derby
Mixed Bouquet
Lynn Schweissinger
Class 32: Rose Photography Sunset Celebration
Tara McCullough

Section P- Gold Country Rose Society Public Judging

Class 33: Fragrant Roses
Dolly Parton
Dottie Michelis

Section J - Gold Country Rose Society Rose Show Judges' Class

Class 34: Best Judges' Entry
Michael Devencenzi

DIVISION II - Gold Country Rose Society Artistic Division

Class 1: Celebrating Chinese New Year - A design in the oriental manner with water showing

Apricot Nectar roses

Barbara Salerno

Class 2: Celebrating Mother's Day - A modern transparency design

Tiffany, Brandy and Catherine Marie roses

Rena Webb

Class 3: In Memory of September 11th - An abstract design using two containers

John F. Kennedy roses

Rena Webb

Class 4: Celebrating Father's Day - A line or line mass design using wood and/or metal to symbolize a father's strength

Newport roses

Barbara Salerno

Class 5: Roses All Year Long - Dry rosecraft

Wee Willie Winkie roses

Kay Polk

Class 6: Cinco de Mayo - Designer's choice of style 6" in height, width, or depth.

Red Minimo, Hot Tamale and Queen City roses

Rena Webb

Class 7: Summertime - Designer's choice of style 10" in height, width, or depth.

Kitty Hawk roses

Kay White

Class 8: Fourth of July Celebrations - Designer's choice of style 8" in height, width, or depth.

Secret Recipe, Gourmet Popcorn and Heartlight roses

Julie Matlin

Class 9: Autumnal Equinox - Designer's choice of style 10" in height, width, or depth.

Cinnamon Delight & Popcorn roses

Cindy Rogers

Class 10: Saint Patrick's Day - A line-mass or mass design using only roses.

No Award


Class 11: Octoberfest - Designer's choice of style 10" in height, width, or depth.

Rainbow's End rose

Samantha Lower

Class 12: President's Day - Large - Designer's choice.

Peace, Iceberg, French Lace and Flutterbye roses

Ann Marie Harris

Class 13: Veterans' Day - Miniature - Designer's choice. Not to exceed 10".

No Award



Some Neat Roses Seen at the Gold Country RS Show

Brooks Red, a sport of Signature, made its debut in the Sacramento area at this show. It was exhibited by Michael Devencenci as Signature. They are very close but Brooks red appears to have a bit more yellow in the reverse of the petals and the color is red instead of pink as in Signature.

Angel Darling, an oldie but goody. I love this semidouble miniature rose. It seems like one of the members of this society is the only one in the area that has it. Ivanette Griggs was that yours?

Floranne, a sport of Crazy Dottie, is a staple rose in this show. It was found by Florence Pratt a few years ago. It is hard to find as it is only offered by Justice Miniature Roses in Oregon.

Sweet Home Alabama, probably entered by Colleen Gallagher, made its debut at this show as well. I have been growing it for about 3 years and it seems like I never get blooms that look as good as the one entered.

Space Odessey, is another miniature rose introduced by Weeks Roses, that is not seen very much. This is the first time that I have seen it. I have been growing it for 2 years.

Make Believe, is another oldie but goody. It was introduced by Ralph Moore many years ago. It is still on of my favorites. It is a semidouble rose.

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