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City Hall, Rose Room, Auburn, CA - October 12, 2003
Photography & Results Compiled by Baldo Villegas



Section A - Gold Country Rose Society Rose Show Amateur Section

Class 1: Hybrid Teas and Grandifloras
Queen of Show Veterans Honor
Colleen Gallagher
King of Show Gemini
Colleen Gallagher
Princess of Show Saint Patrick
Michael Cevola
Court #1 Elizabeth Taylor
Michael Cevola
Court #2 Touch of Class
Ivanette Griggs
Class 2: Hybrid Tea & Grandiflora Sprays Peace
Dottie Michelis
Class 3: Floribundas, one bloom Gypsy Moth
Ivanette Griggs
Class 4: Floribunda & Polyantha Sprays First Kiss
Kay White
Class 5: Miniature Roses
Miniature Queen of Show Miss Flippins
Colleen Gallagher
Miniature King of Show Giggles
Ivanette Griggs
Miniature Princess of Show Fairhope
Colleen Gallagher
Miniature Court #1 Dr. John Dickman
Baldo Villegas
Miniature Court #2 Sweet Caroline
Colleen Gallagher
Class 6: Single Miniature Roses Grace Seward
Baldo Villegas
Class 7: Miniature Spray Ruby
Baldo Villegas
Class 8: Large Flowered Climbers Fourth of July
Baldo Villegas
Class 9: Shrubs, other than Austins
Rockin Robin
Baldo Villegas
Class 10: David Austin / English Garden Style Prospero
Kay Polk
Class 11: Old Garden Roses Sombreuil
Baldo Villegas
Class 12: Single Hybrid Tea Roses Dainty Bess
Dottie Michelis
Class 13: Container Grown Roses Gizmo
Florence Pratt
Amateur Sweepstakes Most Blue Ribbons
Baldo Villegas

Section N - Gold Country Rose Society Rose Show Novice Classes

Class 14-19: Best Novice

Palmetto Sunrise

Pam Spencer

Section C - Gold Country Rose Society Rose Show Challenge Classes

Class 20: Fully Open Hybrid Tea Chris Evert
Baldo Villegas
Class 21: Three Hybrid Teas No Award
No Award
Class 22: Three Floribunda blooms Bill Warriner
Baldo Villegs
Class 23: Rose in a Bowl Gemini
Ivanette Griggs
Class 24: Trailing Rose Gartendirektor Otto Linne
Baldo Villegas
Class 25: Miniature Cycle of Bloom Incognito
Colleen Gallager
Class 26: Miniature English-Style Box Loving Touch, Party Girl, Anne's Delight, Amber Glow, Star Glow, and Winsome
Dottie Michelis
Class 27: Miniature Rose in a Bowl Soroptimist International
Baldo Villegas
Class 28: Miniature Rose Bouquet Pierrine
Ivanette Griggs
Class 29: Miniature Palette of Roses No Award
No Award
Class 30: Gold Country Rose
No Award
No Award
Class 31: Tin Can Derby
Mixed Bouquet
Baldo Villegas
Class 32a-32b: Rose Photography The Impressionist
John Lewellen

Section P- Gold Country Rose Society Public Judging

Class 33: Fragrant Roses
French Perfume
Judy Frederick

Section J - Gold Country Rose Society Rose Show Judges' Class

Class 34: Best Judges' Entry
Radox Bouquet
Rosemary Sawyer

DIVISION II - Gold Country Rose Society Artistic Division

"A Tribute to Historic Auburn"

Class 1: Tsuda Grocery - A design in the oriental manner with water showing

Brass Band

Rena Webb

Class 2: Pioneer United Methodist Church - A modern transparency design

Iceberg, Secret, Catherine Morley, Queen Elizabeth, and Heaven

Rena Webb

Class 3: No Hands Bridge - An abstract design using two containers
Best & Most Creative Arrangement
Earl Parsons Trophy


Rena Webb

Class 4: Neff Monument - A line or line mass design using rope and/or leather to symbolize leading horses and other animals to the historic watering fountain.

Oregold and Perfect Moment

Sarah Williams

Class 5: Barnhard House - Dry rosecraft arrangement
Best Dry Rosecraft Arrangement

Sweet Revenge and Pride 'n' Joy

Kay Polk

Class 6: Old Town Post Office - Designer's choice of style 6" in height, width, or depth.

Rainbow's End and Cal Poly

Kay Polk

Class 7: Old Town Firehouse - Designer's choice of style 10" in height, width, or depth.

Kristin, Childs Play, Jean Kenneally, and Michael Cholet

Kay Polk

Class 8: Shanghi Restaurant - Oriental Design not to exceed 8" in height, width, or depth.
Best Miniature Arrangment

Teddy Bear

Cindy Rogers

Class 9: Auburn Drug Company - Designer's choice of style 10" in height, width, or depth.

Minnie Pearl and Jean Kenneally

Dave Coop

Class 10: Placer County Courthouse - Designer's choice of style. May include rose stems and/or hips.

No Award

No Award

Class 11: Gold Country Fair - Designer's choice of style 10" in height, width, or depth.

No Award

No Award

Class 12: Auburn Chamber of Commerce Rose Garden - Large - Designer's choice of style
Best Judges' Arrangement

Singing in the Rain, Gingersnap, and Broadway

Marie Hubbell

Class 13: Flash in the Pan - Miniature - Designer's choice of style. Not to exceed 10".

Cal Poly, Gold County, Texas, and Rise 'n' Shine

Ann Marie Harris

Random Show Pictures

Trophy Table
Trophy Table, center portion showing many of the major winning roses

Allan Hendrix, Calligrapher
Allan Hendrix, filling out the trophy tag information and doing a great job as a calligrapher

Arrangement Judges
Arrangement Judges, Marie Hubbell, Dolores Muffin, and Marvin Rudd

Judging the Court
Linda Burg, judging the Court of Honor. Five roses were asked to be selected by each judge. From that the top five roses were selected based on points received. Additional votes are taken for selection of the Queen of Show, the highest award in this show. Then another vote is taken for the selection of the King of Show. A third vote is taken for the selection of the Princess of Show.

Judging the Mini Court
Judging of the Mini Court --- a tough decision to make! This is where the judges earn their money as Judges Chair, Ernie Magill told everyone. Selection of the Mini Queen, King and Princess is done just like in the big roses.

Judging Challenge Classes
Linda Burg and Diana Ford judging the miniature spray specimens. Next to the mini sprays are the Mini Rose in the Bowl specimens.

Judging Horticulture Classes
Michael Devecenzi, Lynn Schweissinger, and Rosemary Sawyer judging the Floribunda spray entries.

Interesting Roses Seen in the Show

Butter Cream Mini Rose
Bob Martin's Butter Cream miniature rose. This is its second debut of this rose in the NCNH District.

Amber Glow mini rose
Amber Glow, an unusual rose seen for the first time in this show.

Dr. John Dickman mini rose
Dr. John Dickman, its first showing of this new miniature rose hybridized by Bridges.

Oregon Rainbow mini rose
Oregon Rainbow, miniature rose, seldom shown except in the Sacramento area.

Palmetto Sunrise mini rose
Palmetto Sunrise another miniature rose a bit more widely available in the United States.

Roller Coaster mini spray
Roller Coaster miniature rose hybridized by McGredy and a great rose to have for this area.

Special Angel mini rose
Special Angel miniature rose, an uncommon mauve miniature rose.

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