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Alice Affleck and Carol Burek, Chairs
North Bay Rose Society
Vallejo, CA - September 29, 2002
Rose Show Results compiled by Baldo Villegas

Section A - Northern California-Nevada-Hawaii District Challenge Classes

Class 1: J. Horace McFarland Memorial Trophy - Six disbudded Hybrid Teas, each a different variety shown in separate containers Perfectly Red, Liebeszauber, Asso di Cuori, Veteran's Honor and John Waterer
Tom Bonfigli
Class 2: Ralph S. Moore Trophy - Seven disbudded Miniatures, different varieties, separate containers

Behold, Glowing Amber, Hot Tamale, Incognito, Luis Desamero, Scentsational and Sweet Revenge

Sue and Kang Mei
Class 3: Clyde Stocking Memorial Trophy - Three pink blend disbudded HT, one or three varieties, separate containers
Susan Chan McCarthy
Class 4: Alfred Leloy Jr. Memorial Trophy - Three medium or dark red disbudded HT, one or three varieties, separate containers
Tom Bonfigli
Class 5: Laura Sutter Memorial Trophy - Three mauve roses, different varieties, any type, separate containers
Stainless Steel, Silverado and Barbra Streisand
John Marchut
Class 6: Dr. D.J. Nichols Trophy - Three medium or dark yellow disbudded HT, one or three varieties, separate containers
Helmut Schmidt, Irish Gold and Papillion
Tom Bonfigli
Class 7: J. Harvey Brown Perpetual Trophy - Three Fl sprays, one or three varieties, separate containers
Peppermint Twist
Bob Bergthold
Class 8: Ramona Stocking Trophy - Fl spray
Karen Anne McCann
Class 9: American Foundations Windsounds Trophy - HT Cycle of Bloom, separate containers
Susan Turk
Class 10: Edward and Darley Lisherness Trophy - Three white HT, disbudded, any varieties, separate containers
John Marchut
Class 11: All American Rose Selection Challenge - Three AARS winners, separate containers
America, Betty Boop and Scentimental
Karl Dost
Class 12: Clay Morgan District Trophy - English Box, HT or Gr, no more than two of the same varieties
No Award
No Award
Class 13: Dr. Howard I. Gallagher Memorial Trophy - Miniature English Box, six different varieties
Sweet Caroline, Jean Kenneally, Childs Play, Ruby Pendant, Soroptimist International and Silverhill
Baldo Villegas
Class 14: Annette Dobbs Trophy - Single rose, any type, one bloom per stem or spray
My Sunshine
Susan Turk
Class 15: Esther K. Hughes "Peace" Trophy - disbudded Peace specimen
No Award
No Award
Class 16: Captain Harry Stebbings Trophy -disbudded Captain Harry Stebbings specimen
No Award
No Award
Class 17: Baptiste Michelis Memorial Trophy - One disbudded HT, one disbudded GR, one Fl spray, separate containers
Elizabeth Taylor, Shreveport and Glad Tiddings
Franciska Mills
Class 18: Dr. Ron Brooks Perpetual Trophy - Three different disbudded HT introduced within the last 5 years, separate containers
Veterans Honor, Cajun Sunrise and Signature
Tom Bonfigli
Class 19: Clementina Monteleone Perpetual Trophy - disbudded Mister Lincoln specimen
No Award
No Award
Class 20: Richard Tyson Memorial Trophy - Three disbudded HT, two Fl sprays, separate containers
No Award
No Award



Section B - NBRS Challenge Classes

Class 21: Open Bowl Black Magic
Karl Dost
Class 21: Open Bowl, Miniature Vista
Karl Dost
Class 23: Most Fragrant Rose Fragrant Cloud
Karen McCann

Section C - Rose Show Amateur Section

Class 101: Hybrid Teas and Grandifloras
Queen of Show Marilyn Monroe
Sue & Kang Mei
King of Show Gemini
Cynthia Chuang
Princess of Show Signature
Tom Bonfigli
Court of Honor Brandenberg Gate
Tom Bonfigli
Court of Honor Moonstone
Dorothy Wall
Court of Honor Tenike
Tom Bonfigli
Court of Honor Hollywood Star
Tom Bonfigli
Class 102: Hybrid Tea Spray Keepsake
Franciska Mills
Class 103: Grandiflora Spray No Award
No Award
Class 106: Fully Open Hybrid Tea Rose Rhapsody
Tom Bonfigli
Class 104: One Bloom per Stem Floribunda Playboy
Franciska Mills
Class 105: Floribunda Spray Nicole
Karl Dost
Class 107: Miniature and Mini-Flora Roses
Miniature Queen of Show Hot Tamale
John Marchut
Miniature King of Show Carolina Lady
Tom Bonfigli
Miniature Princess of Show Soroptimist International
Colleen Gallagher
Miniature Court of Honor Black Jade
Sue & Kang Mei
Miniature Court of Honor Vista
Karl Dost
Miniature Court of Honor Irresistible
Baldo Villegas
Miniature Court of Honor Kristin
Susan Turk
Class 108: Miniature Spray Scentsational
Colleen Gallagher
Class 109: Fully Open Miniature Black Jade
Eileen Jackson
Class 110: Single Miniature Playgold
Larry Duerksen
Class 111: Classic Shrub
Not Award
No Award
Class 112: Modern Shrub Fisherman's Friend
Muriel & Bill Humenick
Class 113: Polyantha Spray Yesterday
Muriel & Bill Humenick
Class 114: Large Flowered-Climber/Rambler Dublin Bay
Susan Chan McCarthy

Section D - Novice Classes

Class 115-121: Best Novice Entry
No Award
No Award

Section J - Rose Show Judges' Classes

Class 122-128: Best Judges' Entry
Golden Halo
Linda Morris

DIVISION II - Northern California-Nevada-Hawaii District Artistic Division

"Year of the Rose 2002"

Cochran Perpetual Trophy
Best Novice Arrangement
Class 1:


Class 2:


Class 3:


ARS Oriental Award
ARS Bronze Certificate

Class 4:


Martin J. Martin Trophy
ARS Artist's Award
ARS Silver Certificate

Class 5:
Class 6:


Class 7: "Raindrops on Roses"


ARS Princess of Arrangements
Class 8:


Class 9:


Class 10:


Lucia Morgan Trophy
Earl Parson Trophy
ARS Royalty Award
ARS Gold Certificate

Class 11:


Class 12:


ARS Court of Etiquette
Class 13:


ARS Keepsake Award
Class 14:


ARS Mini Royalty Award
ARS Mini Bronze Certificate

Class 15:


Class 16:


Class 17:


ARS Mini Artist's Award
ARS Mini Gold Certificate

Class 18:


Class 19:


Class 20:


ARS Mini Oriental Award
ARS Mini Silver Certificate

Class 21:


ARS Mini Court of Etiquette
Class 22:


ARS Mini Keepsake Award
Class 23:


Barbara Gordon Award
Class 24:


Class 25:


Best Judge's Entry
Class 26:



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