Sacramento, CA -- April 28-29, 2001

Adena Kalal, Horticulture Section Chair
Pennie Chwalowski, Arrangement Section Chair
Results compiled Baldo Villegas with assistance from Mary Louise Jones and Pennie Chwalowski



Class 10: Queen of the Show: Moonstone by Bob & Iva Miller
Class 10: King of the Show: Diana, Princess of Wales by Doug Hall
Class 10: Princess of the Show: Brigadoon by Dena Wagner
Court of Honor: Brandy by Marianne Sievers
Court of Honor: Desert Storm by Dena Wagner
Court of Honor: Gemini by Doug Hall
Court of Honor: Honor by Jeff & Marjorie Sals
Court of Honor: Loving Son by Duane & Melody Carlson
Court of Honor: Princess Diana by Duane & Melody Carlso
Court of Honor: Red Devil by Dena Wagner
Court of Honor: Vanilla Perfume by Colleen Gallagher

Class 30: Miniature Queen: Irresistible by Duane & Melody Carlson
Class 30: Miniature King: Miss Flippins by Dena Wagner
Class 30: Miniature Princess: Rookie by Duane & Melody Carlson
Court of Honor: Fairhope by Colleen Gallagher
Court of Honor: Luis Desamero by Sunee Webb
Court of Honor: Pucker Up by Baldo Villegas
Court of Honor: Sweet Melody by Duane & Melody Carlson
Court of Honor: X-Rated by Colleen Gallagher

Class 11: Garden Decorative HT/GR: Yves Piaget by Marianne Sievers
Class 12: HT or GR Spray: Gemini by Doug Hall
Class 13: Fully Open HT/GR: Suffolk by Doug Hall
Class 14: Single HT/GR: Colette Clemente by Doug Hall

Class 20: Floribunda One Bloom per Stem: Glad Tiddings by Baldo Villegas
Class 21: Floribunda Spray: Blueberry Hill by Dena Wagner
Class 22: 3 FL Sprays (3 Varieties): Lady of the Dawn, Poulson's Pearl and Priscilla Burton by Duane & Melody Carlson
Class 23: Single Floribunda: Not Awarded
Class 24: Polyantha Spray: Heinrich Karsch by Marianne Sievers

Class 31: Mini-Flora, one bloom per stem: Cachet by Baldo Villegas
Class 32: Miniature Spray: Amy Grant by Colleen Gallagher
Class 33: Single Miniature: My Sunshine by Michelle Flicht-McDonough
Class 33: Single Miniature Spray: Roller Coaster by Colleen Gallagher
Class 34: Fully Open Miniature: Klima by Duane & Melody Carlson

Class 40: Genesis Rose: Rosa xanthina by Bill and Muriel Humenick
Class 41: Old Garden Rose -- Dowager Queen: Tuscany Superb by Michelle Flicht-McDonough
Class 42: Old Garden Rose -- Victorian Rose: Irene Watts by D. Weber
Class 43: Three OGR Stems: William Lobb by Michelle Flicht-McDonough
Class 44: Classic Shrub: Robusta by Doug Hall
Class 45: Modern Shrub: Flutterbye by Mike Devencenzi
Class 46: Three Stems English Type: Mary Rose by Colleen Gallagher
Class 47: Large Flowered Climber: Altissimo by Cindy Nalepa-Nelson


Class 50: Shi Un by Anthony Abordo


Class 60-65: Fourth of July by Leonore Abordo


Class 80: Most Fragrant Rose: Fragrant Cloud by Sue Richter
Class 81: Cycle of Bloom: Myabi by Duane & Melody Carlson
Class 82: Three HT/GR (One Variety): Lanvin by Dena Wagner
Class 83: Artist's Palette: Sunsprite, Summer Fashion, Pleasure, Interama & French Lace by Mary Louise Jones
Class 84: Three Award of Excellence Miniatures: Jean Kenneally , Hot Tamale and Old Glory by Adena Kalal
Class 85: Rainbow of Miniatures: Black Jade, Herbie, Holy Toledo, Y2K,and Loving Touch by Florence Pratt
Class 86: Container-Grown Miniature: Figurine by Florence Pratt
Class 87: Rose Bouquet: Barbra Streisand, Secret, Just joey, Brigadoon, Sheer Bliss, Gift of Life, Vanilla Perfume, Touch of Class, and Louise Estes by Colleen Gallagher
Class 88: Miniature Bouquet: Luis Desamero by Sunee Webb
Class 89: Trailing Rose: Playboy by Duane & Melody Carlson
Class 90: English Box: Gemini & Diana, Princess of Wales by Colleen Gallagher
Class 91: OGR English Box: Rose de Rescht by Bill & Muriel Humenick
Class 92: Miniature English Box: Olympic Gold by Duane & Melody Carlson
Class 93: Rose in a Bowl: Kardinal by Betty Ann Cassina
Class 94: OGR Rose in a Bowl: Baronne Prevost by Sue Richter
Class 95: Miniature Rose in a Bowl: Irresistible by Duane & Melody Carlson
Class 96: Tin Can Derby: Michelle Flicht-McDonough with mixed bouquet of leftover roses

Class 100-104: Betty Boop Spray by Jerry Crumine


Theme: Roses, A World of Romance

Best of Show: Spain - Betty by Cassina with Tequila Sunrise & Ring of Fire roses
Best of Sacramento Rose Society Members: U.S.A - by Pennie Chwalowski with Dublin, Headliner & Marijke Koopman roses


Class 1: Romantic Italian Villas - Athena Thompson with America roses
Class 2: U.S.A - by Pennie Chwalowski with Dublin, Headliner & Marijke Koopman roses
Class 3: French Perfume - Ruth Partridge with Sparrieshoop
Class 4: New Zealand - Helen Tashima
Class 5: Tahiti - Connie Thomas with America, Gold Medal & Playboy roses. BRONZE ARS CERTIFICATE; ARTIST AWARD
Class 6: Spain - Betty by Cassina with Tequila Sunrise & Ring of Fire roses
Class 7: Japan - Louise Watts with Brandy roses
Class 8: Saudi Arabia - Jeneane Wilsey with Black Knight, New Day, Sutter's Gold & Mr. Lincoln roses - GOLD ARS CERTIFICATE; DUCHESS OF ARRANGEMENTS
Class 9: Lovely British Isles - Betty Ann Cassina with Flower Girl roses. COURT OF ETIQUETTE AWARD
Class 10: Chile - Sunee Webb with Rio Samba & Gold Medal roses. SILVER ARS CERTIFICATE; ROYALTY AWARD
Class 11: Green & Lush Iceland - Marie LeDonne. MINI ARTIST AWARD
Class 12: Desert Roses in Morrocco - Adena Kalal with Rainbow's End, Millie Walters, Hota Tamale, & Glowing Amber MINI GOLD ARS CERTIFICATE
Class 13: Canada - Sunee Webb with Iceberg, Gourmet Popcorn & Irresistible roses
Class 14: Mexico - No entries
Class 15: Exquisite China - Earl Parsons with Allspice - Best of Judges


Iva & Bob Miller with Moonstone the Hybrid Tea rose that won Queen of Show

Doug Hall receivng his trophy for his King of Show entry with Diane, Princess of Wales, a Hybrid Tea.

Dena Wagner receiving her trophy for her Princess of Show entry with Brigadoon, a Hybrid Tea rose.

Baldo Villegas accepting a trophy for his winning entry of Glad Tiddings, one bloom per stem Floribunda.

Colleen Gallagher was also a big winner at the rose show. She had some awesome blooms, bouquet, and even arrangements. This is one talented lady.

Duane & Melody Carlson had the most winning entries in the show. After about half dozen trophies, I stopped counting.

Michelle Flicht-McDonough had several winning entries in the show.

Muriel Humenick accepting one of her trophies from Adena.

Pam Johnson a novice exhibitor that won seven blue ribbons at the rose show on her first try. Good job!

Rosco Devencenzi accepting the winning trophy for his brother Mike.


Betty Ann Cassina won best of show with one of her arrangements

Adena Kalal won with a beautiful mini arrangement

Janene drove all the way from Colusa, CA to enter her winning arrangements

Sunnee Webb with her winning arrangement

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Crazy Dottie, a single petaled rose named after one of our long time members, Dottie Michelis. It is a very colorful rose in our Sacramento area rose gardens.

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