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Sacramento, CA -- April 23-24, 2005

Adena Kalal , Horticulture Section Chair
Pennie Chwalowski, Arrangement Section Chair
Results compiled by Baldo Villegas & Pennie Chwalowski

For additional rose show pictures, please visit our 2005 Sacramento Rose Show Picture Album



Class 10: Queen of the Show: Perfect Moment by Ann Mansker
Class 10: King of the Show: Gemini by Betty Ann Cassina
Class 10: Princess of the Show: Helmut Schmidt by Dena Wagner
Class 10: Court of Honor: Brandy Pam Johnston
Class 10: Court of Honor: Hot Princess by Dena Wagner
Class 10: Court of Honor: Sheer Elegance by Dena Wagner

Class 30: Miniature Queen: Dancing Flame by Dena Wagner
Class 30: Miniature King: Class of '73 by Baldo Villegas
Class 30: Miniature Princess: Behold by Dena Wagner

Class 30: Court of Honor: Amber Star by Colleen Gallagher
Class 30: Court of Honor: Doris Morgan by Baldo Villegas
Class 30: Court of Honor: Glowing Amber by Betty Ann Cassina
Class 30: Court of Honor: Pierrine by Colleen Gallagher

Class 11: HT or GR Spray: Henry Fonda by John Cockerham
Class 12: Fully Open HT/GR: Honey Dijon by Ann Mansker
Class 13: Single HT/GR: No Awarded

Class 20: Floribunda One Bloom per Stem: Bill Warriner by Baldo Villegas
Class 21: Floribunda Spray: French Lace by Betty Ann Cassina
Class 22: Three Floribunda Sprays: Nicole by Colleen Gallagher
Class 23: Single Floribunda: Playboy by Baldo Villegas

Class 24: Polyantha Spray: Excellenz von Schubert by Julie Kelts

Class 32: Miniature Spray: Irresistible by Baldo Villegas
Class 33: Single Miniature: Will-o-the-Wisp by Baldo Villegas
Class 34: Single Miniature Spray: Nickelodeon by Ann Mansker
Class 35: Fully Open Miniature: Yantai by Ann Mansker

Class 40: Genesis Rose: Rosa spinosissima by Muriel Humenick
Class 41: Old Garden Rose -- Dowager Queen: Yolande d'Aragon by Baldo Villegas
Class 42: Old Garden Rose -- Victorian Rose: Mateo's Silk Butterflies by Julie Kelts
Class 43: Three OGR Stems: Yolande d'Aragon by Baldo Villegas
Class 44: Classic Shrub: Linda Campbell by Traci Young
Class 45: Modern Shrub: Flagstaff by Linda Longacre
Class 46: Modern Shrub Spray: Fisherman's Friend by Betty Ann Cassina
Class 47: Three Sprays English Type: Radio Times by Colleen Gallagher

Class 48: Large Flowered Climber: Fourth of July by Betty Ann Cassina


Class 60-65: Orange Passion by Bob Davis


Class 80: Most Fragrant Rose: TO BE JUDGED BY THE PUBLIC
Class 81: Cycle of Bloom: Veterans Honor by Colleen Gallagher
Class 82: Three HT/GR (One Variety): Sheer Bliss by Debbie Lopez
Class 83: Artist's Palette: Old Port, Hot Cocoa, Sunsprite, Margaret Merrill and Strawberry Ice by Traci Young
Class 84: Not Awarded
Class 85: Rainbow of Miniatures: Rookie, Scentsational, Behold, Sweet Caroline, and Glowing Amber by Colleen Gallagher
Class 86: Container-Grown Miniature: Angelita by Betty Ann Cassina
Class 87: Rose Bouquet: Perfect Moment by Debbie Arrington
Class 88: Miniature Bouquet: Irresistible & Soroptimist International by Colleen Gallagher
Class 89: Trailing Rose: Starry Night by Kent Duncan
Class 90: English Box: Kardinal, Magic Lantern and Agnes Winchel by Muriel Humenick
Class 91: OGR English Box: Zephrine Droughin by Jack Stubbs
Class 92: Miniature English Box: Hot Tamale by Traci Young
Class 93: Rose in a Bowl: Veterans Honor by Baldo Villegas
Class 94: OGR Rose in a Bowl: Yolande d'Aragon by Baldo Villegas
Class 95: Miniature Rose in a Bowl: Hot Tamale by Shirley Spiekerman
Class 96: Chairman's Choice: Hi-Low: Chihuly & Autumn Splendor by Baldo Villegs
Class 97: Rose In A Frame: Honey Bouquet by Colleen Gallagher
Class 98: Seedlings: Chablis Unamed Seedling by Dena Wagner
Class 99: Tin Can Derby: Mixed bouquet by Betty Ann Cassina


Class 101-105: Fourth of July by Jerry Crumrine



COMPETITIVE THEME: “The Artist and The Rose”

Arrangement Chairwomen: Pennie Chwalowski and Sunee Webb

Section A - Novice Arrangers - Those exhibitors who have won no more than two first place awards for flower arrangement

Class 1 “Opera/Theatre“… Artistic drama set to music, with orchestra, voice and scenery. Create a Traditional Line Mass arrangement.

Winner: Patty Gaston with Perfect Moment and Rio Samba roses

Class 2 “Ballet“… The art of dance. Create a miniature Traditional Line design. Not to exceed 10” in height, width or depth.

Winner: Patty Gaston with Minnie Pearl roses

Section B - Experienced Arrangers - Those exhibitors who have won three or more first place awards for flower arrangement

Class 3 “Victorian Decorative Art”… Art, as displayed in the home, relating to the reign of Queen Victoria of England. Create a Traditional Mass design.

Winner: Elida Garibay with Double Delight, First Prize, Chrysler Imperial, and Rosie O’Donnell roses

ARS Royalty Award

Class 4 “Sculpture”… The art of carving or modeling materials into three-dimensional designs. Create a Modern Sculptural form design.

Winner: Jean O’Connor with Brandy roses

Class 5 “Art Deco”… An exposition of decorative arts held in Paris, France in 1925. Create a Modern Illumination design, reminiscent of the 1920s & 1930s.

Winner: Ruth Partridge with Playboy roses

ARS Silver Arrangement Certificate

Class 6 “Impressionism”… Painting, especially among the French, depicting the natural appearance of objects by means of dabs of primary unmixed colors to simulate actual reflected light. Create a Modern Line design.

Winner: Jeneane Wilsey with Sutter’s Gold, and Toro roses

Class 7 “Performance Art”… Art as shown according to a prescribed ritual or exhibition, possibly reacting to stimuli. Create a Modern Kinetic design, inspired by movement. Staged at the rock wall in the East Room. (Backgrounds NOT allowed, please conceal electrical wiring if needed.)

Winner: Louise Watts with Brandy roses

Class 8 “Cinematography”… The art of making motion pictures. Create an Modern Assemblage design, to be staged on wood cubes 36” H x 26” W x 26” D in front of the East Room Windows.

Winner: Barbara Forbes with Gingersnap roses

Class 9 “Art Glass”… From water floats to cathedral windows to modern Seattle glass, light shines thru glass as art everywhere. Create a Modern Synergistic design staged in the Shadow boxes, approximately 31” H x 28” W x 16” D.

Winner: Louise Watts with Sparrieshoop roses

ARS Gold Arrangement Certificate, ARS Artist Award, Best of Show

Class 10 “Industrial Art”… A subject taught in schools that aims at developing manual skill & familiarity with tools. Create a Exhibition Table design, with dishes & rose arrangement, incorporating a background and/or frame(s). Staged on the hearth of the East Room Fireplace.

Winner: Julie Kelts with Veilchenblau and Reine des Violettes roses

ARS Bronze Arrangement Certificate; ARS Court of Etiquette Award

Class 11 “Graphic Art”… The applied art of decoration and printing on flat surfaces. Create a Functional Table setting for two, al fresco dining in a busy city atmosphere, staged upon 40” round tables, omit flatware. Arranger to provide table and floor length tablecloth.

Winner: Karen Hung with Perfect Moment roses

Section C - Miniature, Mini-flora & Small Roses, Experienced Arrangers - Those exhibitors who have won three or more first place awards for flower arrangement

Class 12 “Cave Art”… Prehistoric man decorated his cave walls with primitive art. Create a Traditional Line Mass design using a background. Not to exceed 8” in height, width, or depth.

Winner: Rhody Vallejo with Beauty Secret roses

ARS Mini Rose Arrangement Gold Certificate, ARS Mini Royalty Award

Class 13 “Black Magic”… Witchcraft--when seen as an art form of sorcery or magic. Create a Modern Stretch design in miniature. Not to exceed 10” in height, width or depth.

Winner: Julie Matlin with Rainbow’s End roses.

ARS Mini Rose Arrangement Silver Certificate, ARS Mini Artist Award

Class 14 “Papier Mache‘”… Centuries before Europeans embraced it, the paper & glue craft was raised to an art form in the Far East. Create an informal Functional Table Setting for one. Arranger to provide 12” X 12” covered board. Not to exceed 12” in height, width or depth.

Winner: Pennie Chwalowski with Cinderella and Magic Carrousel roses

ARS Mini Rose Arrangement Bronze Certificate, ARS Mini Court of Etiquette Award

Section D - Artistic Craft - Open to Novice and Experienced Arrangers

Class 15 “Healing Arts”… Beneficial to the health of body or mind. Create a chaplet to be worn on the head, using dried roses and other dried material, ribbons optional. Staged at eye level, on a rounded form.

Winner: Adena Kalal with R. Banksia banksia, Special Angel, Quiet Time, Little Paradise, Lavender Delight, Angelica Renae, Cinderella, Violet Mist, Winsome roses

Section E - Judges Only - Open to Horticulture & Artistic Division Judges who are judging in this show

Class 16 “Cubism”… A style of art that stresses abstract structure. Create a Modern Abstract design.

No entries

Class 17 “Photography” … The art of producing images on a sensitized surface . Create a miniature Modern Monochromatic design, not to exceed 10 inches in height, width or depth.

No entries.


Baby Ballerina (left), a single petalled pink blend miniature rose and and the odd colored floribunda Hot Cocoa (right) are some of our members favorite roses to grow in the Sacramento Valley area.

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