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Sacramento, CA -- April 29-30, 2006

Kent Duncan, Horticulture Section Chair
Betty Ann Cassina, Arrangement Section Chair

Show results compiled by Baldo Villegas (Horticulture) and Betty Ann Cassina (Arrangements)




Class 10: Queen of the Show: Gold Medal by Dave Coop
Class 10: King of the Show: Hot Princess by Michael Cevola
Class 10: Princess of the Show: Silverado by Bob Spotts
Class 10: Court of Honor1:
Class 10: Court of Honor2:
Class 10: Court of Honor3:

Class 30: Miniature Queen: Irresistible by Michael Cevola
Class 30: Miniature King: Dancing Flame by Baldo Villegas
Class 30: Miniature Princess: X-Rated by Baldo Villegas

Class 30: Court of Honor1:
Class 30: Court of Honor2:
Class 30: Court of Honor3:
Class 30: Court of Honor4:

Class 11: HT or GR Spray: Mother's Value by Baldo Villegas
Class 12: Fully Open HT/GR: Honey Dijon by Ann Mansker
Class 13: Single HT/GR: No Awarded

Class 20: Floribunda One Bloom per Stem: Betty Boop by Adena Kalal
Class 21: Floribunda Spray: Betty Boop by Jack Stubbs
Class 22: Three Floribunda Sprays: Playgirl by Julie Kelts
Class 23: Single Floribunda: Playgirl by Baldo Villegas

Class 24: Polyantha Spray: Excellenz von Schubert by Julie Kelts

Class 32: Miniature Spray: Little Flame by Karl Dost
Class 33: Single Miniature: Hoot Owl by Karl Dost
Class 34: Single Miniature Spray: Neon Cowboy by Karl Dost
Class 35: Fully Open Miniature: Sam Trivitt by Karl Dost

Class 40: Genesis Rose: Rosa banksia banksia by Muriel Humenick
Class 41: Old Garden Rose -- Dowager Queen: Sombreuil by Baldo Villegas
Class 42: Old Garden Rose -- Victorian Rose: Zephirine Drouhin by Julie Kelts
Class 43: Three OGR Stems: Sombreuil by Baldo Villegas
Class 44: Classic Shrub: Penelope by Adena Kalal
Class 45: Modern Shrub: Evelyn by Ellie Longanecker
Class 46: Modern Shrub Spray: Sally Holmes by Debbie Weber
Class 47: Three Sprays English Type: Not Awarded

Class 48: Large Flowered Climber: Soaring Spirits by Linda Longacre


Class 60-65: Sunsprite by Nancy Smith


Class 80: Most Fragrant Rose: Cressida by Caroline Rech
Class 81: Cycle of Bloom: Mother's Value by Baldo Villegas
Class 82: Three HT/GR (One Variety): Olympiad by Ellie Longanecker
Class 83: Artist's Palette: Betty Boop, Angel Face, Marmalade Skies, Hot Cocoa, and Sunsprite by Adena Kalal
Class 84: 3X Award of Excellence Winners: Hot Tamale, Michel Cholet, and This is the Day by Karl Dost
Class 85: Rainbow of Miniatures: Ruby Pendant, Miss Flippins, Sam Trivitt, Erin Alonso, and Rookie by Baldo Villegas
Class 86: Container-Grown Miniature: Angelita by Betty Ann Cassina
Class 87: Rose Bouquet: Playboy and Betty Boop by Adena Kalal
Class 88: Miniature Bouquet: Sam Trivitt, Heartbreaker, Vista, Wistful, Irresistible, Pucker Up, Loving Touch, Hot Tamale, and Michel Cholet by Karl Dost
Class 89: Trailing Rose: Lady Banks by JoAnn Sprogis
Class 90: English Box: NOT AWARDED
Class 91: OGR English Box: Zephirine Drouhin by Jack Stubbs
Class 92: Miniature English Box: NOT AWARDED
Class 93: Rose in a Bowl: Black Magic by Ellie Longanecker
Class 94: OGR Rose in a Bowl: Roger Lambelin by Michelle Flicht-McDonough
Class 95: Miniature Rose in a Bowl: Soroptimist International by Baldo Villegas
Class 96: Chairman's Choice: Hi-Low: NOT AWARDED
Class 97: Rose In A Frame: Grand Prize by Baldo Villegas
Class 98: Seedlings: Chablis Unamed Seedling by Dena Wagner
Class 99: Tin Can Derby: Mixed bouquet by Linda Longacre


Class 101-105: Playboy by Cynthia Chuang



COMPETITIVE THEME: “River City Roses ”

Arrangement Chairwoman: Betty Ann Cassina

Class 1 – “Cast Your Line” – Won by Joy Bockemohle with Gold Strike roses

Awards: Best Novice Award

Class 2 - “Tiny Pebbles” – Won by Leona Winner with Green Ice roses

Class 3 - “Old Sacramento Fireworks”- Won by Pennie Chwalowski with Mon Cheri roses

SRS Awards: ARS Gold Medal Certificate; Best of Show; Artist’s Award

Class 4 - “Framed” – Won by Cindy Rogers with Alchemist, Sombreuil, Catherine Mermet, and Pink Gruss an Achen roses

Awards: ARS Bronze Medal; Royalty Award

Class 5 - “Dinner on the Delta Queen” – Won by Colleen Gallagher with The Impressionist roses

Awards: ARS Silver Medal, ARS Court of Etiquette

Class 6 - “River Rock” – Won by Pennie Chwalowski with Perfect Moment roses

Class 7 - “The River’s Bounty” – Won by Jean O’Connor with Sparrieshoop roses

Class 8 - “Aquatics” – Won by Pennie Chwalowski with Pink Parfait, Mon Cheri, and Prima Donna roses

Class 9 - “Tie That Fly” – Won by Colleen Gallagher with Miss Flippins roses

Awards: ARS Mini Silver Medal; ARS Mini Royalty Award

Class 10 – “Sampan Cruisin’ – Won by Michele Egan with Mother's Love roses

Awards: ARS Mini Gold Medal; ARS Mini Oriental Award

Class 11 – “ Tower Bridge” – Won by Eunice Little

Awards: ARS Mini Artist Award

Class 12 – “ Sacramento Yacht Club Regatta” – Judges Only: NO ENTRIES.

Baby Ballerina (left), a single petalled pink blend miniature rose and and the odd colored floribunda Hot Cocoa (right) are some of our members favorite roses to grow in the Sacramento Valley area.

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